Verena Dauerer

Verena Dauerer: tech editor, editorial concept + strategy (online + print), trend research in digital media at the intersection of technology and creation.

Education: M.A. Applied Cultural Science and Axel Springer School of Journalism, Hamburg/Berlin. A journalist (from German de:bug up to Japan Times) from Berlin and Tokyo; has been sharing her time between these two cities for the recent years: in Tokyo from 2006 until 2008 as editor of English-Japanese magazine; back in Germany in 2009 as tech editor of German PAGE and WEAVE magazines from Hamburg. Returned to Tokyo in 2010 as editor of English-Swedish Spana art magazine by governmental organization Riksutstallningar. 2011 from Berlin: implementation of English-German mb! magazine for Mercedes-Benz. 2012 executive editor at Stylepark AG: concept, content strategy and realization of English online platform about mobility as part of the Audi Urban Future Award by Audi. 2013 editorial concept and realization of branded platforms for HUGO by Hugo Boss and Deutsche Telekom. 2014-2017 Head of Editorial Content at re:publica conference.

Lecturer about VJ culture and mobile aesthetics at Achtung Berlin, Rip it!, and Filmfest Oberhausen festivals and BTK/HTK schools; jury member at Backup Festival; talk show moderator at A_Maze/Transmediale, CeBit Sounds!, and Learning from Fukushima symposium. Panel guest at CheckdisoutHamburg, Berlin Music Days.

Since 2015 freelance editor involved in various communication projects, corporate publishing, website relaunches and copy text. Worked for several agencies, such as Aperto/IBM, Jung von Matt/Next, diffferent, C3, moovel lab, SinnerSchrader, Heimat, and q-bus among other.


Podcast Whitepaper for Deezer

Streaming service Deezer commissioned Verena Dauerer to produce a whitepaper on "Podcasts in Germany". The booklet was handed out during re:publica conference with whom Deezer organised a podcast competition.

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Compendium on "Bionics" for Qiio Magazine

For German Qiio magazine, a collaboration between Berlin-based Blogfabrik and Deutsche Bank, Verena Dauerer created a series of five articles on "Bionics." It is exploring prostheses, cybernetic extremities and cyborgs throughout the millennia and how they dissolve our perceptions of gender.

Code + Culture article series

In the recent years programming code has been the common denominator for Japanese media artists to create some astonishing works of art. For Japan Times Verena Dauerer explores contemporary artists, such as Daito Manabe, Yuri Suzuiki, exonemo and teamLab, who have defined the way the genre has evolved. The Society for News Design (SND) awarded the article series in the Combination Print & Features Digital category (Award of Excellence).

re:publica conference with subway TV—Project Lead

re:publica in Berlin is one of the world's leading conferences on the topic of digital society. From May 6-8, 2014, the topic was expanded to Berlin's 3,800 underground train screens. As project lead for "Berliner Fenster" Verena Dauerer was in charge of coordinating all TV content, news and updates which were produced by students of Deutsche Journalistenschule (DJS). As part of this cross-media project they compiled a reader on each conference day that was published as epubli eBook the following morning.

Digital trends lecture

In December 2013 Verena Dauerer was invited by the University of Technology, Business and Design Wismar to deliver an inspirational lecture on digital trends. The lecture introduced creative projects in visual storytelling, Augmented Reality, 3d printing, gesture tracking and NFC. The presentation is available here:

A crowdsourced print magazine for Bertelsmann Foundation and Collaboratory—Managing Editor

From December 2013 the printed magazine "Globalisierung im Schatten der Überwachung" about the planned German-American transatlantic trade agreement (TTIP) among other is available at newspaper stands. The crowdsourced project was conceived by Bertelsmann Foundation and the Collaboratory organization. Verena Dauerer was in charge as both head of the editorial desk and managing editor.Überwachung

Maker magazine for Deutsche Telekom—Editor-In-Chief

In the month before Berlin's IFA trade show, a web magazine by Deutsche Telekom was presenting the makers behind their products, accompanied by makers from the Berlin DIY scene. Verena Dauerer has developed the editorial concept and has coordinated all content as editor-in-chief.

RED NEVER FOLLOWS microsite—Content Producer and Coordinator

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the HUGO by Hugo Boss brand, a RED NEVER FOLLOWS microsite presenting 20 digital artists working in the interactive/interaction/kinect area was created. In July 2013 these were exhibiting at London's Saatchi gallery. Verena Dauerer has been coordinating all written content in German, English and French for the site.

A crowdsourced print magazine for re:publica 13 conference—Managing Editor

In May 2013 the newthinking magazine has been released at re:publica 13, Germany's biggest blogger conference. Each of the 4,000 attendees received a copy of newthinking agency's 10th anniversary issue. The one-time printed publication was available at newspaper stands. The magazine content was generated during a sprint process using crowdsourcing. Verena Dauerer was in charge as both head of the editorial desk and managing editor.

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New Trendexplorer report for DDB Tribal agency 2013—Trend Report Compiler

After last year's trend report published as free iPhone application, Verena Dauerer compiled the follow-up Trendexplorer report about technology & creation for DDB Tribal agency. It has been released as free web application in December 2012:

New mobility platform Mooove launched—Editor-In-Chief

Verena Dauerer is the Executive Editor of a new platform, It consists of an editorial part and contextual search engine focussing on mobility. The online project was launched by Stylepark AG as part of the Audi Urban Future Award.

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Trend report as free iPad application 2012—Trend Report Compiler

Verena Dauerer compiled an extensive trend report with a focus on Japanese campaigning for Hamburg-based agency DDB Tribal. It has been released as free application for iPad in December 2011. Please download over here:

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Bjork's iPad album - Zeit Online

Bjork's new album Biophilia is being released as series of iPad applications. Media artist and programmer Scott Snibbe tells German Zeit Online how he brought her concept to life.

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Street artist JR's Inside Out project - Japan Times

French street artist JR is known for his oversized photo portraits in Brazilian favelas or on the Wall in Palestine. Recently he came to Tokyo to rally for his Inside Out project, a large-scale participatory project funded by TED talks. Verena Dauerer reports for Japan Times.

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Twitter campaigning in Japan - Japan Times

Twitter as a game platform: With more Twitter users in Japan than in the U.S., Japanese Twitter campaigns are taking off and show clever ways to market through the social networking service. Verena Dauerer reports for Japan Times.

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The Upcoming Arts in Hong Kong - SPANA

Hong Kong is both known as a global centre of finance and the place where the world’s largest auction houses sell most of their fine arts. Only, what is the situation for emerging artists and spaces for low-brow art? Verena Dauerer reports for English-Swedish SPANA Magazine.

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Bruce Sterling Interview - WEAVE

Cyberpunk veteran Bruce Sterling famously coined quite a couple of terms that have been seeking in our digital life, e.g. Augmented Reality or Vaporware. His interview in WEAVE magazine about his latest novel "The Caryatids."

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Augmented Reality Special: Expanding the Horizon - PAGE

Augmented Reality has been around for quite some time. But only recently, due to new software developments, it has been used for several smart campaigns; PAGE reports.

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3D movie: the animated dogma of David OReilly - DE:BUG

With his animated short, "Please Say Something", 23-year-old David OReilly just won the Golden Bear at Berlinale festival. Now the animation shooting star wants to redefine the genre with his manifesto.

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Interactive Architectural Action In Tokyo: The Highlights -

No doubt, Tokyo is full of bits and pieces of playful architecture and lots of temporary installations that make clever use of the city’s crammed spaces. Time to gather our favourites that have amassed over the past year, for a little roundup on recent interactive architecture of several kinds! Amazing pieces PingMag always wanted to show you…

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Infosthetics: the beauty of data visualization -

Australian Andrew Vande Moere digs deep in his information channels to gather the most interesting forms of data visualization on his blog For him this is a symbiosis between creative design and information visualization: form follows data and evolves in such unique graphs that you can call them art. Can you? PingMag talked to Andrew about infosthetics.

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Netzlabels - Frickelnde Musikaktivisten - SPIEGEL ONLINE

A report in German online portal SPIEGEL ONLINE on the recent netlabel movement.

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Wenn der Spam kommt - Die WELT

Fear and loathing in the computer age – what eminent PC viruses and a Berlin art exhibition have in common; article in German daily Die WELT.

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