Sandra Pfeifer

Sandra Pfeifer is editor and content strategist.

Her passion and expertise for many years are in the area of sustainaility where she writes about trends and developments for Bcorps, businesses and agencies which are driven by sustainable values, media and brands including the eco pages of the Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard, Getty Images, Mercedes Benz. She was also editor and content strategist for Breathe Aut, a content platform promoting the Austrian Pavilion at the Expo Milan 2015.

Through her many years living and working in New York and London she brings a thorough understanding of anglo-american marketing culture. What thrives her work is creating meaningful content that helps create values and culture and grows (online) communities.

Sandra Pfeifer holds a degree in Journalism and Media/Communication Studies from the University of the Arts London. She is also a certified CSR Manager from UNESCO Austria awarded Plenum Academy)


Testing a new lifestyle - FOGS

How amazing would it be to just be able to leave the job, the apartment and be outside in nature and live off-grid. At least for a while. Wohnwagon, an Austrian startup invites people to take their daydream a step further and test the waters. Sandra Pfeifer interviews Theresa Steininger, one of the founders on how their project actually aims to promote a whole new way of life.

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Welcome to the Now Age - FOGS

Transformative experiences are the new luxury. And so is living in the here and now. Sandra Pfeifer explores the spirit of the Age Age and travels to the Californian desert and LA where a number of stylish, modern mystics are cultivating a way of life that goes beyond a trend.

A commission by FOGS, a magazine for sustainable lifestyle

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Innovative accessory line from bio acetate - MYMi

Content production for the sales brochure of high-end jewellery brand MYMi. Based in North Italy MYMi is produced in collaboration with Mazzuchelli1849, the leading expert in cellulose acetate in Europe since more than 100 years. MYMi uses high-quality bio acetate and makes for an innovative and sustainable design brand in the accessoire business segment. Commissioned by MYMi. Produced in English only.

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Fair is the new smart - FOGS

Bas van Abel, a likeable self-declared hippie entrepreneur has taken on a tough mission with his FairPhone, the first sustainably produced cell phone, but as he says, the only way forward. Like a hipster coffee roaster travelling to their coffee growers to work with them directly van Abel travels to the mining areas, to bypass warlords and connect to the mining communities directly. Sustainable production doesn’t happen overnight in our current system but he sees himself as one who helps generate the necessary momentum.

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Wallpaper City Guide Vienna 2016 - Wallpaper magazine/Phaidon

Sandra Pfeifer is responsible for the content production of the 2016 edition of the Wallpaper* City Guide Vienna. With more than two million copies sold worldwide, the Wallpaper* City Guides cover more than 100 destinations and provide design savvy travellers with an essential checklist about enticing design and architectural concepts including stores, hotels, restaurants and bars. A commission by Wallpaper* and Phaidon.

Best of the Alps

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Expo Milan 2015 - Breathe AUT

Sandra Pfeifer is editor at Breathe AUT, the content platform promoting the BREATHE.AUT Austrian pavilion - a real life forest made up of 2550 m3 soil and more than 350 different trees that simulates its appropriate micro climate - at the Milan Expo 2015: Feeding the planet, energy for life. The generated content is geared towards German as well as international audience and promotes young Austrian design talents who benefit through working with nature in the widest sense. A production of

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Special Currency to Promote Use of Solar Energy - Der Standard

Solarcoin is a new US digital currency which could potentially help speed up the widespread adoption of solar energy. Sandra Pfeifer talks to the co-founder Nick Gogerty, a former hedge fund manager, about the advantages and differences are to digital currencies like Bitcoin and why he thinks it is the way forward into an energy friendly future.

An interview commissioned by Austria's biggest daily newspaper Der Standard (Eco Special edition). Published in German only. Story syndicated via genios.

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Wallpaper* City Guide Vienna 2014 - Wallpaper*

Sandra Pfeifer is responsible for the content production of the 2014 edition of the Wallpaper* City Guide Vienna. With more than two million copies sold worldwide, the Wallpaper* City Guides cover more than 100 destinations and provide the savvy traveller with a need-to-know checklist about enticing design and architecture, sophisticated hotels, restaurants and shops.

Commissioned by Wallpaper*.

Jason Silva: Intelligent Explosions - mb! by Mercedes Benz

Jason Silva is a performance philosopher who loves breaking the barriers of language with supersonic speed. He connects those gigantic concepts like infinity, love, loss or technology with a philosophical context and burns it on digital celluloid. The end results are Shots of Awe, visually mind-blowing 3-minute clips that leave the neurons tingling. His latest video 'Existential Bummer' received 2 million hits in just two weeks. Sandra Pfeifer meets the National Geographic Brain Games presenter at Hotel American in New York to talk about awe, cinematic ecstasy and why he believes in singularity.

An interview commissioned by mb! by Mercedes Benz. Concept, direction and text by Sandra Pfeifer.

Translated into German by mb!by Mercedes Benz.

Possible Structures for the City of the Future - Der Standard

Sandra Pfeifer reports about promising technology which can support the city of the future: Imagine buildings that can generate and manage their own energy needs. Or imagine using your mobile phone as interface to optimize the heating or cooling system in your apartment.

A report commissioned by Austria's biggest daily newspaper Der Standard. Published in German only.

A green oasis in the Bronx - Der Standard

The Bronx, known from the movies for its dark smokey alleys, junk food restaurants and burned out vans is slowly shedding its bad reputation. Deemed one of the unhealthiest boroughs in New York State its future is set to be a lighter greener and lighter. Sandra Pfeifer reports about Via Verde, the first sustainable public housing project in the East Coast metropolis designed by Grimshaw & Dattner Architects.

A report commissioned by Austria's biggest newspaper Der Standard.

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LifeEdited: Interview mit Graham Hill - Curve/Getty Images

For part two of the Getty Images visual trend report about sustainability, Sandra Pfeifer meets the entrepreneuristic visionary Graham Hill. The founder recently started a movement called LifeEdited, advocating that ‘less stuff equals more happiness’. To establish a lifestyle based on meaningful consumption, he had his 420 square foot apartment in New York’s Soho district redesigned to the lowest possible carbon footprint while maximizing the space.

An interview commissioned by Getty Images.

New York and the water - Baumeister

In New York, where space is at a premium, finding ways to accomodate the growing number of city dwellers is not an easy feat. One tangible solution is a development of the 800 kilometers long waterfront stretching along the city edges. With it, more issues arise - clean rivers for safe recreational use and protection against natural forces are just some of the most pressing ones.

A report commissioned by Baumeister, Germany's biggest architecture magazine. Published in German, June 2013 issue.

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The notion of time in the digital realm - mb! by Mercedes Benz

Renowned American media theorist Douglas Rushkoff reflected on some of the most mind boggling tech issues of our age, and coined a term to summarize our current state of digital frenzy: "Present Shock". Sandra Pfeifer meets the writer in New York to talk about 'digiphrenia', the 'fake now' and how we can transcend time.

An interview commissioned by mb! by Mercedes Benz.

Translated into German by mb! by Mercedes Benz

Technology as climate savior - Der Standard

The US continues to place its bets on technology to save the climate. Soon our sky might feature interesting additions such as CO2 air sucking machines or giant jellyfish plants hovering in mid air. While some of them require a tremendous amount of energy that challenge the feasibility, their overall risk factor concerns even scientists. The consequences of tinkering with the framework of the ecosystem stretches beyond our imagination.

A report commissioned by Austria's biggest daily newspaper Der Standard for their bi-monthly environment special edition. (Published in print and online in German).

Social Design - Matter magazine

Forty years ago the pleas of designer Victor Papanek for a more responsible and humane design have widely been ignored by his peers. With technology altering our lifestyle and natural disasters making it impossible to ignore the fact that clean water and energy are not issues reserved for the third world only, it comes to no surprise that the discussion around 'good design' is rekindling.

Commissioned by Material ConneXion for their annual trade magazine Matter. Published in English in May 2013.

Visual Trendreport on Sustainability - Curve/Getty Images

Sustainability needs a new image: the inherent 'green' visual language that has evolved over the last decade is clearly dated. The challenge lies in creating a new powerful visual imagery that helps shape a positive outlook into the future and influences companies to fundamentally reevaluate their business strategies. (Image courtesy of Getty)

Sandra Pfeifer is the contributing author on the biannual visual trend report for Getty Images.

Celebrating Grand Central's Centennial - mb! by Mercedes Benz

How to make people stand back and dream a little in the busiest train station in the world? Designer Nick Cave stages an otherworldly performance-installation with 30 life size horses to celebrate the centennial of New York's historical Grand Central station.

A story commissioned by mb! magazine.

Plant music - Der Standard

Sound artist Mileece translates the bioemissions of plants into sound. Her work is based on research work by Cleve Backster, a former FBI interrogation specialist who has conducted experiments in an attempt to prove that plants react to human emotions and intent. Sandra Pfeifer meets the artist after her performance at the MoMA in New York.

Commissioned by and published online & print in Austria's leading daily news media Der Standard (in German).

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Nurturing Architecture - Baumeister

Mitchell Joachim is an architecture theoretician, who really is a hybrid of a "hacker" and an "urbaneer". His radical-experimental ideas create the necessary momentum to visualize the impossible. In his world the future outside the constraints of the architectural domain includes meat houses and soft cars. He currently works on an 'operating system' for New York. Sandra Pfeifer meets the architect in his studio in Brooklyn.

A story commissioned by Germany's biggest architecture magazine Baumeister. Published in the January 2013 edition/in German.

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Rise - Getty Images

Sandra Pfeifer is editor of Rise, the new visual trend site by Getty Images. The content focusses on trends across the creative industry (art direction to narrative) as well as any other relevant creative and scientific fields (technology to design).

Galactic Geometries - mb! by Mercedes Benz

Good lighting designers don't just fall from the sky. Bec Brittain, a hip newcomer in New York's design scene, is someone to watch, as she is about to break through the clouds. Sandra Pfeifer meets the designer in her studio in Red Hook.

A production commissioned by mb! magazine by Mercedes Benz.

Concept, visual direction and text by Sandra Pfeifer.

SOM & Foster + Partners describe plans for Grand Central - Municipal Art Society & Architizer

New York's Grand Central station is an important transit hub as well as a landmark. In February 2013 the legendary building is turning 100. The Municipal Arts Society (MAS) asked three renowned architectural firms for their vision of Grand Central for the next 100 years. Sandra Pfeifer interviewed the senior partners of Foster + Partners, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and the principal of WXY for a video trailer for the upcoming exhibition in January 2013.

The video is commissioned by MAS and Architizer and shown in the MAS exhibition 'Imagining Grand Central's Next 100 Years' in New York in January 2013.


Sandra Pfeifer is social media strategist and content curator at the New York based architecture blog Architizer. The blog publishes news from the world of architecture and design and leads one of the most comprehensive steady growing database of contemporary architecture including many projects of renowned firms as well as newcomers in the field. Launch of the A+ Award, the first 'Oscar' for architects in spring 2013.

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Interview Series - Audi

Commissioned by Audi, Sandra Pfeifer co-developed the concept for the company's North America design research interview series together with Stylepark. She headed up the interviews with prominent experts from the leading creative and business brands including Microsoft in Seattle and the San Francisco University of Arts and Design.

Commissioned by Audi.


Superficial, vein and elitist. These are some of the common prejudices that fashion is tainted with. But is it art? Sandra Pfeifer asks Dr. Valerie Steele, director and chief curator at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

A story commissioned by AUSTRIANFASHION.NET, a website dedicated to critical fashion reporting; sponsored by the cultural department of the Austrian government.

Working as 'free range human' - Baumeister

Hyper-connectedness and flexibility are just some buzzwords summarizing our jobs. With a constant accelerating pace of work we have to find more efficient ways of coping with our daily load. One solution is a smarter office. Sandra Pfeifer visits America's oldest furniture manufacturer Steelcase in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and reports on the workplace of the future.

A story commissioned by Germany's biggest architecture magazine Baumeister. Published in German/May editon.

New order of Things - mb! by Mercedes Benz

So far no artist or designer had the privilege to be equally recognized in both disciplines. Designer Sebastian Errazuriz however doesn't like to be boxed into the one or the other. In his studio in Williamsburg he talks with Sandra Pfeifer about his new series Occupy Chair shown at Design Miami in Basel and why he thinks it's about time to look beyond esthetics and reason.

An interview commissioned by mb! magazine by Mercedes Benz. Translated into English by mb!

Franca Sozzani: en Vogue - AUSTRIANFASHION.NET

"A fashion magazine without an agenda is a catalogue." Following her vision, the legendary Italian Vogue editor in chief Franca Sozzani has given the magazine a unique succinct language over the past 24 years. Sandra Pfeifer reports on her lecture at the Fashion Institute of Technology and had the chance to meet her for a short interview after.

A story commissioned by AUSTRIANFASHION.NET, a platform for critical fashion reporting, sponsored by the cultural department of the Austrian government.

Brave New World - mb! by Mercedes Benz

From designer gear to lunar outpost: 3D printers hint at tantalizing futures and promise to realize our most daring dreams.

A report on how designers, inventors and architects are making headway with 3D printing technology.

A production commissioned by mb! magazine. Story translated by mb! magazine.


With more than 7,000 innovative materials registered in their database, Material Connexion is the place to go to for designers. Sandra Pfeifer visits the biggest material archive in the world in their headquarters in New York.

A report commissioned by AUSTRIANFASHION.NET, a platform for critical fashion reporting, sponsored by the cultural department of the Austrian government.

Shaping Modernity: Design 1880 - 1980 - Der Standard

How the promising vision of a new 'modern style' has turned into the familiar design of our favourite consumer products is shown in the MoMA exhibition Shaping Modernity: Design 1880-1980.

An exhibition review for Austria's leading daily news media Der Standard (published online and in print in German).

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3D Printing the new green pioneer? - Der Standard

In theory you can print everything, from a house to a watch. The question is if 3D Printing will also bring about a green evolution. Sandra Pfeifer talks to 3D expert Peter Schmitt from MIT.

An interview commissioned by Austria's daily newspaper Der Standard (published online and in print in German).

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Time machine 'on hooves' - Der Standard

The Jane's Carousel, a vintage piece from 1922, has opened in Brooklyn Park Bridge. To protect the painstakingly restored 48 horses and two carriages from wind and rain renowned French architect Jean Nouvel has designed a magic glass pavilion.

Sandra Pfeifer reports for the Swiss architecture magazine archithese and the leading Austrian daily news mecia Der Standard (published online and in print in German).

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Out of Africa - Quality

Johannesburg born designer Gregor Jenkin has a great knack for giving steel a certain air of subtlety. At this year's Design Miami he was the first designer to represent South Africa.

Sandra Pfeifer reports about Design Miami for German lifestyle magazine Quality (December issue, print edition only).

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Passing Cloud - Quality

Tiago Barros is keen to extend our common notion of space into completely different realms. He is working with unusual conceptual perspectives and apparently feels quite cozy in those in-between places.

Sandra Pfeifer reports for German lifestyle magazine Quality about the Portuguese architect who, quite literally, is aiming for the sky. (Published in German/print edition only).

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Climate debate in the US: new technologies need backers

Although the American government currently doesn't support the discussion about the climate change, it is still happening: for instance technology that sucks CO2 out of the air or tanks that help store the gas underground. Sandra Pfeifer investigates about climate politics in the US and what happened after Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth'.

A report commissioned by Austria's leading daily news media Der Standard for their environment special edition. Published online and in print in German.

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Gourmet Food Trucks - Quality

Foodtrucks are an American institution. The coincidence of social media and a movement towards greater sustainability brings about a dramatic change for the popular mobile restaurants. Sandra Pfeifer reports about the latest trends in American food culture.

A story commissioned by Quality. Published in German/print edition only.


Collaborations with talented designers are the key for Nadja Swarovski to help implement her vision of the crystal empire with the appropriate feel for the current zeitgeist. Sandra Pfeifer meets Ms Swarovski in their HQ in New York to talk about what innovation entails for a 116 year old family business and the importance of supporting young designers.

An interview commissioned by AUSTRIANFASHION.NET, a platform for critical fashion reporting, sponsored by the cultural department of the Austrian government.

New York discovers the water - Der Standard

Mayor Bloomberg is gearing up New York for the future: with an expected increase in population moving into they city by 2030, smart solutions for increasing space while upping the quality of life are highly sought after. Sandra Pfeifer reports on Bloomberg's initiatives to reactivate New Yorks industrialized waterfront.

A report commissioned by Austria's leading daily news media Der Standard. Published in print in German.

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Fuller and Noguchi: story of a friendship - domus

Buckminster Fuller and sculptor Isamu Noguchi connected a deep friendship. Both men also shared a loyal assistant: architect Shoji Sadao, who later became the director of the Noguchi Museum in New York. Sandra Pfeifer meets Mr Sadao at the museum in Queens to talk about his book 'Fuller and Noguchi: best of friends'.

An interview commissioned by domus. Published online in English only.

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Less is more - Der Standard

This might be the beginning of a significant cultural revolution in the US: some companies are thinking about how to reduce packaging and are pioneering in the production of eco-plastics. Sandra Pfeifer reports on the growing new trend in package design.

Commissioned by Austria's leading daily news media Der Standard for their environment special edition. Published online and in print in German.

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Expensive petrol makes America rethink green options - Der Standard

It has quietly whirred over the streets of California and then disappeared through the backdoor of the automobile market. Sandra Pfeifer reports about (yet another attempt to) introducing the electric car in the land of plenty.

A report commissioned by Austria's leading daily news media Der Standard for their environment special edition. Published online and in print in German.

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Concealed Quality - pool 26

Five years on head designer Dai Fujiwara successfully prevails the spirit of master Issey Miyake with a twist: on his restless search for new design-elements his team went as far as dismantling a Dyson-Cyclone vacuum cleaner. Sandra Pfeifer talks to Mr Fujiwara about successfully merging craftsmanship with new technologies.

An interview commissioned by high end product magazine pool.

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Culture Without Borders - pool 26

Issey Miyake constantly surprises through his aesthetic vision, which appears strange yet familiar at the same time. The way to best understand his interpretation of movement and freedom wrapped in colorful vanguard creations is to feel it - a portait of the Japanese designer.

A story commissioned by high end product magazine pool. Published in print.

Simply Enchanting - pool 25

Czech designer Maxim Velcovsky spent his teenage years under the communist regime rummaging through rubbish bins at close by embassies. His favourite find, Coca Cola cans, he avidly exhibited in his bedroom. Now he is busy finding ways of making rust presentable and patiently waits for the NASA to finally release its tested lab material to eager designers like himself. Sandra Pfeifer talks to the newcomer designer about materials and heritage.

An interview commissioned by high end product magazine pool.

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Redefining Institutions - pool 23

Although Will Alsop was not always seen as an 'easy fellow' he is one of the most renowned players of the contemporary world of architecture. His dedicated support of public welfare projects shows that architecture to him is not just a vocation he has been following since his childhood days, but a service to mankind. Sandra Pfeifer talks to the British architect about his work.

An interview commissioned by high end product magazine pool.

Fantastic Norway Architects - One Small Seed Magazine (South Africa)

Two young Norwegians are travelling around Norway in a red caravan in search of adventures. Not how you would normally describe a usual architectural firm, but this is not normal. Rogue architects, Håkon Matre Aasarød and Erlend Blakstad Haffner aka Fantastic Norway, scour their country in their bright office-on-wheels for situations where they can bring about (social) change for the better through architectural hands-on approach.

A story commissioned by One Small Seed magazine (Print edition only, published in South Africa)

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I did it - Der Standard

She is South Africa's only female crane operator from a township called Khayelitsha working on the Green Point football stadium in Cape Town built for the 2010 World Cup. Sandra Pfeifer talks to Zoliwa Gila about hopes and reality at the Cape.

A report commissioned by the African Times.

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