Katharina Horstmann

Design journalist and prop stylist Katharina Horstmann works on a freelance basis for publications such as Designlines, Domus and Goethe Institut, among others. She studied interior design in Milan and New York, and curating contemporary design in London, worked for architect Piero Lissoni as well as art director Buyng Soo Zocchi, and curated the exhibition of French designer Emmanuel Babled, Extranormal. Katharina currently works and lives in Berlin.


Il Brasile in Superficie | Brazil in Surface – INTERNI

They shaped the modern image of Brazil and were shaped by it: Athos Bulcăo as a designer of graphic ceramic reliefs, Roberto Burle Marx as a landscaper of chromatic tropical gardens, and Cândido Portinari as an author of surreal mural paintings.

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The Third Industrial Revolution – BauNetz Designlines

The exhibition Adhocracy at the first design biennial in Istanbul shows how our home or workshop around the corner will become new production sites in days to come thanks to internet and 3d printers.

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Factory in your Livingroom – Manifesto China

What would happen if furniture was available to everyone? If it could be developed and produced in any location in the world? What would happen if designers didn’t conceive final end products but a new genre of open-ended design processes, originating in a virtual, ever-changing collective?

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The Architect as Designer – Goethe Institut

From furniture and lamps, to floor coverings and wall hangings, right up to tableware and cutlery: practically every architect has designed an object at some stage in order to express his or her understanding of form on a smaller scale.

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Maarten Baas: A Beautiful Mind – Clear

Maarten Baas in an interview about his success, his time as a student in Eindhoven and what he likes about performances in design.

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Frontal Illusionists – Clear

Front: A female foursome obscures the boundary between real and imagined – A portrait.

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Twisted Traditions – Clear

London Design Festival 2009: experiential and experimental highlights from London’s design jamboree.

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Peter Saville: Visual Narration – BauNetz Designlines

First records, then fashion, now cities and interiors: Peter Saville belongs to the key figures in graphic design and pop culture – A portrait.

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A matter of Perfection – Wohnrevue

Nullpunkt – Nieuwe German Gestaltung: an exhibition that raises questions rather than makes assumptions, presenting an atypical face of German design.

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Arts & Crafts: A Declaration for Design – DeTnk

“What’s the difference between art and design?” is a popular question — “What’s the difference between design and craft?” less so. But this all might change as William Morris’ declaration, ‘Turn our artists into craftsmen and our craftsmen into artists!’ is fast becoming a popular movement in the design world today.

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Emmanuel Babled: Extranormal

An accompanying text for Emmanuel Babled’s exhibition “Extranormal” at Palazzo delle Stelline during Milan Design Week 2008.

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