Eva Steidl

Eva Steidl is a London based journalist, curator, trend scout and design communication strategist. After studying arts management, she worked for Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin and curated Haus der Gegenwart, an experimental exhibition space in Munich, and now realises publications, exhibitions and workshops for international brands, companies and institutions.


Publication DOUBLE SPACE for BMW - Precision and Poetry in Motion by Barber & Osgerby

Eva Steidl developed and edited the publication DOUBLE SPACE for BMW - Precision and Poetry in Motion by Barber & Osgerby for BMW GROUP DESIGN with PENTAGRAM London. The 60-page booklet describes how the installation by Barber & Osgerby which was on show during the London Design Festival 2014 came into being and depicts the creative forces behind this collaborative project.

Interview: Julia Lohmann - DOMUS magazine

Eva Steidl interviewed designer Julia Lohmann at the London Victoria & Albert Museum. Lohmann is known for her works on unconventional and organic materials. During her time as design resident at the V&A she developed new techniques for using seaweed as potential substitutes for artificially produced materials.

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Essay for book publication "Lighting up the Future" by Merck

The book publication "Lighting up the Future - The emergence of OLED" describes new trends and technologies in lighting design. Eva Steidl's essay brings together diverse creative positions for the post-Edison Age.

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Interview: Martin Roth - MADE magazine

London's "Victoria and Albert Museum" is one of the biggest museums for design, arts and crafts worldwide. The german museum expert Martin Roth heads the "V&A" since 2011 as the first non-british director. Eva Steidl interviewed him in his Kensington office for MADE magazine.

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Report: Elmgreen & Dragest - H.O.M.E. magazine

Back in the 60ies, artists such as Marcel Duchamp und Donald Judd were pioneers of a new genre. They captured spaces with all-embracing installation art. For H.O.M.E. magazine, Eva Steidl analyses the contemporary work of scandinavian duo Elmgreen & Dragset which is currently shown in London and which gives the genre of the installation art a new dimension:

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Text: David Chipperfield's Museo Jumex - LIGHTLIFE Magazin

Museo Jumex - The biggest private art collection in Latin America just moved into a space designed by David Chipperfield. Eva Steidl gives a guided tour, discovers airy exhibition floors and an accomplished lighting concept.

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Workshop: Developing Designers - BLICKFANG

This workshop is an ambitious format to educate young designers within their disciplines and is also a platform for product development. For five years from 2011, Eva Steidl is one of the curators, together with Stefan und Saskia Diez, Jaime Hayon, Sebastian Wrong, Nils Holger Moormann und Marcus Fairs (dezeen).

Portrait: Gabriel Prokofiev - FROH! Magazin

Sometimes it's worth to look beyond. Eva Steidl paid composer Gabriel Prokofiev, grandson of famous Sergej Prokofiev a visit to find out how musicians design. And found out that he's the one who turns the classical world upside down:

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Text: A room with a hue - GERMANWINGS magazine

In Brussels, the world’s first hotel with decor based on the Pantone colour matching system highlights the link between mood and hue. Eva took a closer look at colour systems and Brussels design highlights.

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Concept & editing: MADE Design & Architecture - Heinze

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The Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin promotes contemporary european design through its own design collection. Exclusively developed pieces of furniture are regularly presented within the weekly magazin. Eva Steidl was responsible for the conception, communication and for product development.

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MAGAZIN is known for its radical and subjective perspectives within the design world. And for its dedicated participation in the discussion about contemporary design. Eva reports for MAGAZIN's blog with news, portraits and behind the scene stories:

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Phoenix from the ashes: Formerly used as a bakery, russian restaurant and school camp, furniture manufacturer and designer Nils Holger Moormann converted this bavarian farmhouse into an eccentric design hotel. Eva Steidl and Angela Kesselring paid a visit.

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Lecture: Publishing for architects - 3M FUTURELAB

A seminar introducing marketing, public relations and publication practice for architecture projects to students from 3M Futurelab, an international research course for future housing.