We report about new buildings, innovative products and exiting interiors. Which trends wait behind daily encounters? What is changing our daily life - and what does this mean to us? We spot trends which influence our life already today.

Adaption / Editing / Content

You would like to raise the number of architectural and design themes in your publication? We develop themes for your media. We also deliver brand new, fact-based content. We can consult your internal editors in dealing with difficult design questions.


Nothing is closer than a personal conversation. We interview well-known designers, architects, entrepreneurs and CEOs as well as newcomers. Direct, professional and without exchanging pleasantries.


Who are the real leading minds in the business? Who makes a difference? Who we should not forget? We look behind the curtain and present to you the who-is-who in design and architecture, as well as newcomers.


We visit current exhibitions, fairs, conferences and round tables and give critical fact-based review. Where are the key happenings? Where is nothing but hot air? We also look at current publications on design and architecture.

Corporate Publishing

Your company wants to get closer to your readers with design and architecture? We curate your contents, write the articles and support you in publicizing your competencies in the right way.

Adapting / editing

Are your texts really as good as you think? We provide independent assessments of your texts and offer support where you need it most.

Competitions and exhibitions

Every answer is only as good as the right question. We develop texts for competitions to reach the right minds. We also rework the concepts and catalogs of exhibition.