Who we are

Designjournalists is an editorial network of specialized journalists, based in Basel, Berlin, Milan, Duisburg, London, Hamburg, Tokyo and New York. We share a keen interest in topics related to design and architecture and their transformation into words. Trained as designers and architects we benefit from our wide subject-specific backgrounds. We have direct and continuous insight into the international design scene yet also keep a critical eye on it.

What we do

We write articles, essays and behind the scene-reports and do interviews which communicate recent trends in design and its role in daily culture and society. Alongside our journalistic work for national and international publications we also operate in the fields of corporate publishing and design-related strategic consulting for companies and institutions. 

How we do it

We are constantly attending major fairs and events in the design business and discuss new developments face-to-face with international designers, key players and newcomers. We are ahead of the curve and detect important impulses on the spot. Editorial quality is very important to us and every text is proofread thoroughly.